How to Put an End Self Criticism, Mama

Mamahood is full of things left undone, imperfect, and unexpected turns that can often feel painfully different from the plans you had in mind. Whether it is a twist in the birth that leaves you holding onto self blame, or something on the path of motherhood that you just can’t seem to feel okay about, it’s easy to end up in a negative cycle of self criticism.yourwiseheartlogo216px-STAY PATIENT

There is a way out of this negative spiral. Continue reading


Foodie Mama-Friendly Restaurants in the East Bay

Especially when they’re little, it can be hard to find places to eat where babies are easy to bring along. Are the chairs comfortable for feeding? Do they have quieter spaces and room to walk around if the baby gets fussy? Do they deliver? Or even better, offer curbside pickup (mama jackpot!)?

Here are my five favorite foodie restaurants that are mama and baby friendly:  Continue reading


How to Prevent Postpartum Depression Naturally

reusable baby feetby Lindsay Germain

Lots of us feel depressed when our babies are young. Maybe you’ve been there with your last baby, or maybe you know someone who struggled with postpartum depression. It’s easy to get scared about losing yourself, and feeling low when you bring your baby home. It can also be hard to believe – Having a baby is supposed to be the most fulfilling time, right? Or is it?

There are real challenges in parenting for each of us. Every parent has days where we feel overwhelmed. The tricky part is figuring out how to manage these days, and how to relate to ourselves and our loved ones when we’re struggling.

There is a way to navigate overwhelm, discouragement, hopelessness, and even despair without getting lost in the woods forever. Continue reading


Intuitive Mamahood : You Can Choose a Path that Makes Sense

by Lindsay Germain

There is so much judgement in our culture toward mamas. From pregnancy to parenthood, our interactions are filled with unsolicited stories and advice. It’s enough to feel exhausted, and more than a bit misunderstood.

Yet, you are the best person to know what’s right for yourself and your baby. You’re the only one with the ability to sense the choices that are right for you. Maybe a tip worked perfectly for one mama with her babies, but wouldn’t work for you at all. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s okay to say, “no thanks,” to hearing a third traumatic birth story today.YOU KNOW

So many people have been left alone with strong feelings about their pregnancy, birth, and parenting experiences and really need an outlet to talk about them. Then, you walk by, and your sweet round belly reminds them of all the stuff they haven’t yet worked through. And voila! You’ve become a therapist who – unbeknownst to you, has been enlisted to help this person process those feelings.

Well, it’s about time for you to get to choose. You can set a beautiful boundary that makes space to stay grounded and centered in nurturing yourself and your baby. Here’s how.  Continue reading


“No, we can’t send her back”: five keys for preparing your family for the birth of a sibling

Originally published by Hand in Hand Parenting

Two days after my son was born, his five-year old sister carefully and quietly carried his bouncy chair to a room in the back of the house that wasn’t used much. When I walked back into the living room and found him gone, she said, “He has gone to the baby dungeon, and that’s where he should stay!”
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Have a Picky Eater? Simple Ways to Support Healthier Eating

By Lindsay K. Germain

happy kid snackMaya sits at the table, slowly taking a bite or two, and then says she’s done with her meal. She doesn’t like most of the foods she tries, and she often calls a food her favorite one week and then hates it the next.

Can you guess how old she is? If she was 35, we’d really worry about her, wouldn’t we? And since she’s justturning four, we don’t need to. Developmentally, she’s just like lots of kids her age. In the long run, she’s likely to become a good eater, expanding the variety of foods she eats.

Meanwhile, how do we support her to get her nutritional needs met? Here are my favorite ways to support children developing healthy food habits. These tips will support healthy changes in the long-term: Continue reading